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Unit 4 Text A Ex. 1 1. The author uses this sentence to tell her own love story. She didn’t expect that she would end up marrying Butch. He became her boyfriend just because of her wish to find a cute boyfriend. She didn’t real...

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Ⅰ. 1. humans 2. housework 3. pollution 4. Robots 5. building 6. station 7. factory 8. huge 9. apartment 10. everywhere Ⅱ. 11. will have, 12. won’t be/isn’t going to be 13. to watch 14. copy 15. shopping 16. to study, 17. are si...

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选择 A:Why was he late for school yesterday? B:He overslept . By the time he got to the bus stop,the bus ___already ___. A.was ;leaving B.has ; left C.would ; leave D.had ;left 解D 解析:公共汽车在到车站之前就来了,所以用过去完...

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选择题 1.—What your father ? —He is a driver., does B.does, do, do 答案: B 2.I a brother. He tall. A.have, has B.has, is C.have, is 答案:C 填空 1He died at the_______(年龄) of 95. 答案:age 2.----Which is you...

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